015 ♪ [Video/Action for Violet]
Lets Get Together
[Good evening Johto, there's a Rhyme on your screen today. She's finally made it to Violet, She's currently lurking about the pokemon center because the Ursaring Express has decided it's time for a nap.]

The weather was really nice today wasn't it? I'm sort of surprised since it was changing a lot before. Though I guess I shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth huh?

[There's a brief pause before a thought crosses her mind, and for a brief second Rhyme vanishes from the screen and digs through her backpack and pulls out an egg ]

Oh and speaking of gifts, it seems everyone here is getting an egg or two today huh? I have a question about this one though, what type do you think it will turn out to be?

[Because after getting a Piranha from her other egg she's not too worried about getting something strange from this one.]

014 [Private Text/Action for those in the Center]
Deja vu
[Having already tried, and failed, to clear out some bugs earlier Rhyme has since decided it's a far wiser choice for her and her pokemon party of two to well... stay inside. Really her supplies started dwindling due to not restocking in time.


But it's not all that bad, she's been helping out here and there finding ways to occupy herself. Like right now she's teaching her Ursaring how to play checkers. It's actually kind of silly, because it's taking the game a tad to seriously.
Checkers is serious businessCollapse )

If she could she'd probably teach her shark too. But it'd probably eat the table and the board first. ]

[Private Texts]
Privates texts sent to Neku and ShikiCollapse )

013 ♪ [video/action]
Deja vu
[On the feed today is Rhyme and her killer fish.

Except her killer fish is evolving! What ensues can only be shown in picture.]

Picture behind the cutCollapse )
[It takes several seconds for it to sink in but her killer fish just turned into a shark.

A shark

A shark.

Rhyme just sort of stares at the pokemon frozen with fear.
And then she runs away from it.]

[ooc: Short and rushed and the replies may be late I got sick :c]

012 ♪ [Video/Action] And there will be a shark in her future
Junk garage
[In Cherrygrove's pokemon center is one Rhyme, with a new pokemon! It's...a fish. But not your average Magikarp. Oh no no no.

It's a piranha

Albeit a much...cuter version version the real life counter part. But still it's a freaking piranha. Rhyme reads the description of the pokemon out loud.]

Carvanha attack ships in swarms, making them sink. Although it is said to be a very vicious POKéMON, it timidly flees as soon as it finds itself alone.


Well...She can't be that bad?

[Apparently she needs to check what it evolves into.]

Good luck charm
[For anyone still stuck in New Bark Town, they might have noticed the giant bear that suddenly showed up in the middle of town. Why is the bear here? Rhyme and her Ursaring have back tracked to go pick up a scrawny teen friend.

But forgot one certain detail:
Asking where he would be.

BUT NO WORRIES! That's why they have PokeGear's.]

Private textCollapse )

010 ♪ [Video/Action] A Wild Rhyme Appeared!
Give Me All Your Love
[Hey guys, guess who's showing up on the network suddenly. If you guessed it was Rhyme then you're correct. If you guessed otherwise, no you're wrong get out.]

Huh, looks like I came back! Though I'm much farther back than I remembered.

[She doesn't sound too down about it, actually she sounds quite happy to be back.]

It looks like it's snowed while I was gone, I hope everyone's keeping warm!

009 ♪ [Action/Video]
[On the network today is Rhyme who's currently in some part of Ilex Forest, yes she made sure to stay close to the entrance before any one asks. She's currently training her tiny pokemon team and looking for some more to add to it. Currently the pokemon fighting is her Furret against a Bulbasaur who seems to have taken quite a beating, Rhyme's Furret though looks as if it's just getting started.

The grass pokemon suddenly attempts to use Vine Whip on Furret. Rhyme does a bit of quick thinking here to help her Furret avoid too much damage from it.]

Furret, use Defense Curl!

[The pokemon curls up tightly and gets hit a little bit but has the damage reduced before uncurling.]

Now finish it with Fury Swipes!

[Her Furret charges towards Bulbasaur and finishes it off with a series of quick attacks. The Bulbasaur attempts to stand back up after that last attack but just can't seem to do it. There's suddenly a Pokeball thrown at it before it goes down. The ball moves once, twice, three times before it goes still.

And then it bursts open.

Bulbasaur stands there looking defiantly at Rhyme. You can hear her grumble just a little bit. She's been trying to catch this guy for a while, it's just a little annoying for him to keep popping out of that ball.]

Oh you're kidding me. I almost had it this time.

008 ♪ [Action/Video]
Lets Get Together
[Over in Route 33 is Rhyme. Who is currently out looking for new pokemon for her tiny team and training her other three. Of which all of them are winning easily because they are over leveled. But that's not the reason she's on the network at the moment!]

Has anyone faced Bugsy yet or know what kinds of pokemon would have an advantage over him, besides fire types? I'm just wondering since I might try and attempt to get his badge.

007 ♪ [Action/Voice]
[Normally, Rhyme's a bright and cheerful little girl. Normally she doesn't dream about that day when she died. So obviously Rhyme has a reason to not be bright and cheery. She knows there's no cars or anything here in Johto, why would everyone be walking everywhere if there were?

But still she occasionally glances around, hearing the sound of a speeding car or the screeching of breaks accompanied by the squealing of tires, but just like that the sound is gone. She sighs a little.]

That dream really got to me. Just gotta relax Rhyme, that event won't happen again.

[Sure it won't happen here. But what about when she goes back home, if she ever does? Can she really be so sure that she'll be safe there too? Or is it just a matter of time until another accident happens and takes her life again?]

006 ♪ [Video]
Lets Get Together
[Over on Route 32/33 there is a Rhyme and her little Teddiursa fighting some pokemon. What's so special about this you ask? Well right after destroying yet another pokemon, Teddiursa begins to glow and change. Cue Evolution theme.

At the end of the evolution there is a terrifying Roar and where the once adorable bear cub was now, stands a giant freaking grizzly. Rhyme seems completely unaffected by the fact her cute little bear cub drastically changed though.]


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